New Blog, New Look

I received an auto-mail notification thanking me for my (automatic) payment to WordPress, re-upping me for another year.

Which means I started this new website/blog a year ago.  Damn, does time move fast when you’re old and crotchety!

Actually, I think the site didn’t really get up until May, due to the sharp learning curve on working WordPress.  Not as user friendly as rumor would have us believe…

But after a year of kind of liking the way this site was set up, I decided to try something new.  A new “theme,” new design.  And I like it!

What do you think?  Feedback welcome!

UPDATE: Hmmm…  I like the way this theme looks on everything EXCEPT the portfolios, which showcase my universes and all the books in them.  Those are all jacked up on this format, with the images pulled away from the book descriptions.  I may have to consult the wordpress gods on this, ‘cuz I sure as hell ain’t no programmer…


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