New Superhero Anthology For Pre-Order Now


Writer and editor Blaze Ward is releasing Hiding Behind the Cowl on May 2nd this year, but you can pre-order it right now!  It’s a heavy-duty anthology that features five superheroic tales, two of them nearly novel length… and one of those is mine!

Well, it’s actually about half the length of a novel–my novella, I mean–but it’s still pretty thick.

If you’re looking for alternate superhero fiction that’s not about the same characters over and over again, or the same characters with sudden ethnic or gender swaps (I’m looking at you Marvel), give this one a try!

(…Okay, that might not have come out sounding right.  To be clear, I’m all for diversity.  In the grand scheme of things, there are a helluva lot more people out there than white males and it therefore doesn’t make sense that 90% of the heroes fit that description.  In fact, I’m deliberately working to diversify my own characters and represent more than just folks who look like me.  However, taking the same superheroes we’ve known for 40 years and just giving them new no-no parts or a change in skin color…  Kinda lame.  For example, instead of making a female Thor and doing away with the mythology-based hero we all know and love, why not just boost Valkyrie in to her own book?)

Holy poop, how’d I get so off track?

Doesn’t matter, no one reads this blog anyway, right?

The takeaway here should be to pre-order Hiding Behind the Cowl, which you can find by clicking here, and thereby get yourself some original superhero action.

The takeaway is NOT that Marvel is running out of steam, so thank god they make good movies…


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