Brink's Chaos Theory

3 Degrees from the Hugo Awards


You know that “six degrees of separation” thing?  Or that party game about linking every movie ever made back to Kevin Bacon?

Well, I’m kinda, sorta one step away from a Hugo nomination by three different paths!

P. Alexander and Cirsova Magazine have been nominated for best semi-pro zine.  And my story, “The Lion’s Share,” appeared in Issue #3!  

Jeffro Johnson and his Castalia House blog has been nominated for best fan writer and best fan zine.  And just recently, Mr. Johnson posted a very positive review of my novelette, The Thorne Legacy.

And John Picacio has been nominated for best professional artist.  I’m pretty darn sure (though not 100%, mind you) that he and I shared a day at Dragon’s Liar comics in San Antonio signing stuff on Free Comic Book Day a few years ago.  We sat right next to each other.

So by shear proximity, I should be getting a Hugo award, if not this year, then next year!

Uh, right…?