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Review of The Thorne Legacy on Castalia House


Wanted to share a nice review of my SF story, The Thorne Legacy.  (Just click here.)

I happened to find this when I noticed a spike in sales for that particular book.  Wondering why that might have spontaneously happened, I consulted the trusty oracle Google and discovered this blog.  It’s a nice review and an interesting discussion about the wider scope of science fiction.  A conversation I was flattered to be mentioned in.

Which was why I felt compelled to comment.  I know I should remain professional and silent on these things, don’t get into or comment on reviews about your work, but I was excited to be brought up at all, so…  I stuck my nose in it.  Oops.

Next time I’ll just express myself through interpretive dance where only the dogs can see it.

Thanks for sharing your reading experience with your peeps, Jeffro!