SyFy Channel’s The Magicians

Also, after seeing the hype on the Syfy Channel, I decided to give The Magicians a try on Netflix.

And…  I like it!

It’s kind of a guilty pleasure kind of show.  Similar to Harry Potter, but for the college-age crowd (or older).

There’s foul language, sex and sexual tension, and some scary moth-faced demon guy.  The Harry Potter bit comes in as it’s on a secret college campus for learning true magic.  But the writing is really good, with interesting character development and complications.

I never particularly liked the cheesey, high school drama on The Flash or most of the fantasy shows like Buffy or whatever, but this show I like.  If you like the nerdy stuff, check it out!

(I’m tagging this as a “movie” post ‘cuz I ain’t got no “tv” tag–and don’t watch enough to do so.)


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