New #Superhero #Ebook on #KindleUnlimited


Eight tuxedo-clad felons are committing copycat robberies, mimicking infamous criminals from the late ‘90s.  Normally, the Phenomenal Five wouldn’t bother with something as mundane as bank heists.  They’re superheroes.  They’re supposed to fight monsters, thwart terrorists, and jail supervillains.

That’s what Silk Spider tells herself, but the team has her on the case nonetheless.  She’s putting her detective skills to work, as well the vast resources of a superhero HQ.  

She’s also jonesing for a cigarette.  And when she catches up to this new Eight-Ball Gang with her bullet-proof corset and denied urge for nicotine, she’ll make them sorry they ever put on their masks.  

Behind the Eight-Ball is a supercharged, superheroic story of crime and justice, action and adventure, fantasy and science fiction, set in the mature spandex world of the Identity Crisis Universe.

That’s the latest story from the Identity Crisis universe.  It was originally written as three chapters in the forthcoming Twilight of the Gods books.  But it makes a great story all by itself.

For the first 90 days it’ll be exclusively on Kindle Unlimited (click here), so if you’re a subscriber it’s free for you there.  After that, it’ll be everywhere: B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc.

The paperback chapbook (only about 60 pages) is also in process.  You can order it for $5.49 right now via Create Space (click here), and on Amazon in the next few days.

(Forgive the hashtags in the post title.  Trying something new.)


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