Thanksgiving in Japan


For me it is now midnight after THXGVG.  I’m at work now fighting to stay away on a night shift, my belly still full from the day’s feasting.

For those who might not know, I am stationed in Japan with the Navy.  And Japan, unless they have a similar holiday that I don’t know about, doesn’t know what Thanksgiving is.  Well, the folks around here do, because our base is here, but otherwise, everyone outside the gate kept on doing what they do everyday.  It was not a holiday for them.

As for us, my family, we did THXGVG the easy way this year.  Being as my schedule was going to be all messed up today (and usually is), and that we are largely antisocial because we barely manage to manage our four-member family from day to day, much less work in anyone else, it was just going to be the four of us for dinner. But even in this we are not alone, because most folks and families here are somewhat isolated.  The big feasting clans are all back home, after all.  And it would be kind of silly to slave in our tiny kitchen all day for just us.  So like many others, we enjoyed a holiday feast at the Officers’ Club today.  (Which is not just for officers, by the way.)

And let me tell you, it was a hell of a spread!

So for those of you who might be wondering what we service members (at least on this base) were doing for the holiday so far from home–other than wishing we were back home with all of you–here’s a few pictures to reassure you that we were well taken care of.


Salads.  But I didn’t have any of that.  I can eat lettuce any day of the week!


The spread!  All your turkey, taters, two kinds of dressing, two kinds of gravy (!), lots of steamed vegies, and then some!


More salads, a bit more exotic, as well as fruits, meats and cheese, etc.


Beverages, including champagne!  None for me, though.  I had to come to work a few hours later.


The Roast Beasts!  And a guy in a puffy hat to carve them!

Yeah, we’re really roughing it here…


Dessert table and the pianist.  Yes, we had someone playing piano for our dinner atmo!  She’s good too.  You haven’t heard Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” until you’ve heard it in the original piano solo.  (Really, she played that.)


And finally, my son and all the food he wasted…

And a finger telling him that he better eat!  🙂

Hope everyone where you are got their bellies full!  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(And thanks to my step-daughter Susi for the photography.)


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