Pulp Fiction Anthology with Space Pirates


Cirsova Issue 3 is now out and available on Amazon!

I haven’t read everything in it yet, but if you like scifi action and pirates (I think there’s lots of pirates), you might give it a try.

My own story is a space pirate tale: “The Lion’s Share.”  (Yes, I am one of the authors, even though my name doesn’t appear at the top with everyone else’s…  I’ve asked him to fix that. Hmmm…  Looks like he did fix the paperback version, just not the ebook.  They should be linking together…)

Anyway, you can get the ebook here, and the paperback here.



3 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Anthology with Space Pirates

  1. For some weird reason, you can have way more contributors listed for paperbacks than for eBooks (10 max). I pulled my name so that yours should be showing up now; I’d meant to make the change last week, but things were crazy trying to chase down where the Kickstarter money way.

    Thanks for helping get the word out!


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