IndieGoGo Superhero Anthology


The folks at Meerkat Press are putting together an anthology of superhero stories, and you can be a part of it!  If you’re familiar with IndieGoGo (very similar to KickStarter and other crowdfunding sites), you’ll understand how you too can help save the world from evil.  Or at least, how you can help fund a great project and get a nice reward in the process.

Check it out by clicking here.


And speaking of secret identities, mine has been super-busy at work lately.  I’m back on the night shifts, which have me running ragged in a zombie-like state of sleeplessness most of the time.  But I have also been busy writing, or at least revising.

Hopefully within the week, I’ll be announcing a new noir-styled, urban fantasy-slash-Asian mythology novel to be published this month, with pre-orders starting ASAP!

(Well, actually it’s not new; this story started 14 years ago!)

More to come…


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