Superheroes in Space… and in our ears


The audio version of INVASION is now in production!

The talented folks at The Voices in Our Heads are working as we speak on bringing these outer space, superheroic adventures to life.   I just listened to the first chapter and it sounds awesome!  It should be complete and out for sale this winter.

Here’s the blurb for the book.  You can find links for it on my Identity Crisis portfolio page.

A mix of superheroes, space opera, and pure pulpy fun.

The future of the Identity Crisis Universe hangs in the balance.  While on a mission to assist NASA, the Earth’s greatest super-trio find themselves suddenly thrust onto the frontlines of an interstellar war. 

The heroine Ballista is an orphan of alien gladiator circuits.  Nuclear colossus Adam Smasher is the most powerful man on the planet.  And Symian’s genius could only be born from the unfettered jungles of the Congo.  Together they are the future’s greatest (dysfunctional) superhero team. 

Now they stand with one foot in the airlock and the other on the edge of deep space.  To save the Earth, do they stand their ground or take the fight across the galaxy? 

Who was it that said the best defense is a good offense?  (Can’t remember?  Oh well, Adam will take credit anyway.)

J. D. Brink brings you another series of mature spandex and pulp adventure to grownup fanboys and fangirls everywhere.

This book is about to be featured in a bundle too!  You’ll be able to get $57 worth of sci-fi adventure for about 12 bucks, starting mid-August.  Stay tuned for that…



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