Military Brainwashing: The Upside!

After having been in the Navy for about 14 years, I have a hard time differentiating what is military/Navy culture and what is common to everyone. Sometimes I mull over in my head saying certain things before I say them. I’m not sure if everyone will know what I’m talking about or not. Or if it’ll come off more abrasive than I intend. Common, cultural things you say and do in the military might not translate well to “fragile civilian sensibilities.”

(And when I say “cultural” I do mean that the Navy in itself has a culture, different from the Air Force or Army, but that the military as a whole has cultural norms different from civilian, etc. Every community has a culture of its own, though it may not be hugely different from a similar community next door. Your workplace has a culture. Your group of friends has its own culture, too. There are words and phrases that mean something to all of you that outsiders won’t understand. “Cultural” more often than not has absolutely nothing to do with skin color or religious dogma, just so we’re all on the same page.)

One aspect of Navy culture (and military in general) that stuck out of me recently is that of ownership. Very often, that thing is mine.

My guys are ready to go.”

“Did you finish the maintenance work on my antenna array?”

“That’s not how we do things in my Navy.”

I remember that being instilled in us as early as boot camp. The fifth-week recruits who were doing their service week by working in the galley, they’d say, “Watch my fire lane, there, shipmate!” and “Don’t touch my bright work, shipmate!” (Keeping us in line and keeping the polished metallic stuff shiny.) Five weeks into the Navy and they were already taking ownership of everything around them.

We learn it by mimicking those in charge of us. That’s part of your brainwashing. (And I’m not using that term to mean something negative here. Most military brainwashing is good for you.) Our RDCs (recruit division commanders) in boot camp took ownership of us and everything we came into contact with. The fifth-week recruits used that language three times a day when we were in the chow hall, so, five weeks later, we did too. And it wasn’t just a boot camp thing; that’s just where you first learn it. It’s a Navy thing. (And probably all military branches thing.)

You take ownership of things. If it’s yours, you care about it more. You take greater responsibility for it. You get it done and you treat it right.

That’s something I’d like to see more of in the civilian world. There is some of it, of course, but not enough. It’s not the same. It’s not part of our culture. Especially in America, where personal gain often gets the greater emphasis. I suppose there’s a lot of “that’s mine” or “I’m going to make that mine,” but it’s not in the same spirit…


Bye-Bye Smashwords

Happy February, everyone.

How the hell did that happen??!!! We’re already into our second month of 2019?! Unreal.

I guess time flies when you’re hunkering down to take cover from winter storms with -40 wind chill factor.

I’m just posting to make note that my work is no longer available at It’s a somewhat sad but progressive development on my part.


Don’t be fooled by the title of this post into thinking Smashwords is gone. That is not the case! I’ve just decided to trim the fat from my operation, and Smashwords is one of two sites that I plan to cut from my publishing roster.

It’s a great site, I’ve been publishing through them for several years. But in my New Years revision of everything, I’ve decided that they are no longer worth the effort for my operation to keep going through them. Zillions of others continue to publish there and are doing fantastically, I’m sure. But I’m planning some big revisions in the near future, and going through the motions of updating and publishing new material on yet another publishing site… Just not worth the effort for what I’m getting out of that venue these days.

So if you’re looking for my work there, or have taken advantage of the nice coupons I’ve employed there before, you will no longer find my stuff on Smashwords. My stuff is still available just about everywhere else, but I’m downsizing and refocusing things and SW is the first casualty of that revision.

Thanks again, Smashwords! It’s been real!



Super-Powered Spy Novel Finished!


I just uploaded the final draft of Deus Ex Machina to all retailers! After being in the works for years, this book is finally complete!

*cue flashes of lightning*

*cue maniacal laughter*

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More Superheroines for Less


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